SAP BI Architecture Generation & Consultancy Service

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Visualisation is knowledge

Do you have an established SAP BI Landscape you need to maintain and manage?

Are you migrating your current SAP BI platform to SAP HANA?

Are you moving away from SAP BI to a new BI platform such as Microsoft, SAS or Tableau?

then CubeScape can help you reduce your development, maintenance and ongoing operating costs. 

Our Services

Using our in-house advanced generation and analysis software, we can analyse your complete SAP BI environment and deliver comprehensive and information rich Architecture and Schema diagrams, no matter how complex or large, in as little as three weeks, saving you valuable time, effort and money.

Not only do we generate architecture diagrams for individual Cubes or Multicubes, we can produce diagrams for whole business areas or across business areas providing you with an holistic view of your BI environment.

If the following use cases apply to you, we can help - 


Implementing SAP BI

Get your project off the ground quickly by getting to know SAP BI "out of the box".  Choose which Objects to use as-is, which to customise, and which to ignore.  Find out more


Established SAP Landscape

Discover how to improve your BI investment by understanding what you have. We provide Architecture diagrams, Star Schema diagrams and an Analysis Report of your existing BI Landscape.  Find out more


Migrating to SAP HANA

Visualising your migration transformation path is imperative.  An analysis of your complete BI landscape can help identify any obsolete Queries and Data Flows and remove any redundancy. Find out more


Moving from SAP BI to new BI Platform

Make informed decisions.  Before you migrate to another Business Intelligence platform such as Microsoft, SAS or Tableau, you need to understand your existing content. Find out more 

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