Migrating SAP BI to SAP HANA


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Visualise your transition 

Whether you are porting your existing SAP BI platform to HANA or redesigning your BI Architecture to prepare for HANA, understanding your transformation path is vital.  Your existing SAP BI implementation is likely to have repetition and redundancy which will incur significant cost if ported directly to HANA.  Based on HANA migration project evidence, 20% - 30% of BI migrated data can be removed, not only reducing the time and cost of migration but reducing the ongoing cost of ownership of your SAP BI HANA system.  We can help reduce the size of your data through analysis of your complete BI landscape.  Our comprehensive and information rich Architecture diagrams will show you: 

  • which Queries are active and inactive so you can retire obsolete Queries and associated Data Flows
  • when each active Query was last used so you can eliminate redundant Queries and Data Flows
  • sizing of data for each of the persisted data objects so you can find opportunities for data downsizing and reducing HANA memory costs
  • all Queries running from each Cube or Multicube so nothing will be lost during migration 
  • the complete ETL pipeline from source system through transformation layers to target Cubes and Queries so you can see all relationships and assess the complexity of migration or any potential build
  • all content grouped by Business Area to facilitate a staged migration.

With this information at your fingertips you can make informed decisions about what to transition or remove and which Business Areas to prioritise saving valuable time and money for your business.  You can accurately size and scope your SAP BI HANA platform to harness the potential migration savings and can accurately plan your migration project significantly reducing timescales and overall costs.

Service features  

We provide Architecture and Star Schema diagrams of your existing SAP BI implementation in both pdf and Visio formats to enable you to view and make changes in line with your build and/or migration plans.  Diagrams can be grouped by Business Area, Data Source, Query Title etc. or other grouping of your choice.  We also provide a detailed analysis of the SAP BI Objects showing those that are active and inactive as well as any redundant Queries and Basic/Multicubes that haven't been used for a defined time period. 

This service is available on an ad-hoc basis or "call off" basis during your build and migration project lifecycle, either independently or as part of your project team.  The service can be repeated during the migration phase as well as after migration to HANA as part of the testing phase to ensure all required objects have transitioned correctly.  We can also offer Consultancy support to your migration project. 

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