Established SAP BI Landscape


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Understand what you have 

Better manage your BI investment through visualisation of your BI Landscape.  As an established SAP BI site we can provide you with comprehensive and information rich Architecture diagrams and Star Schema diagrams together with an Analysis Report of your existing BI Landscape so you can: 

  • eliminate redundancy by seeing which Data Sources, Cubes and Queries are not being utilised
  • perform Impact Analysis to identify the impact of any proposed updates or changes to your BI environment  
  • understand the transformation layers and Data Source systems to identify where changes might need to be made to the ETL pipeline 
  • assist in making design decisions on whether to create new Queries or modify existing ones
  • document and keep your architecture up-to-date.

Service features 

We provide all diagrams in pdf and Visio format so you can view and alter them as necessary meaning your architecture is always up-to-date.  The diagrams can be organised by a grouping of your choice e.g. by Business Area, Data Source, Query Title etc.  Your Analysis Report will indicate active and inactive Objects, as well as redundant Queries and Cubes/Multicubes, together with sizing information of all persisted data. 

This service can be provided on an ad-hoc basis or you can sign up to our annual subscription service and we’ll update your diagrams in line with your SAP BI Business Release schedule.  If you do not use Visio to maintain your architecture, we can provide an interface to your in-house Enterprise Architecture tool.  We can also provide Consultancy support to your SAP BI team. 

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