Implementing SAP BI


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Find out what's in the box! 

Let us introduce you to SAP BI "out of the box”.  We provide comprehensive and information rich Architecture and Star Schema diagrams of all Objects in vanilla SAP BI so you can see exactly what is available to you.

Simply choose which business content meets your needs, which requires customisation and decide what needs to be built from scratch.  Enabling accurate planning of your BI Implementation Project will reduce your analysis timelines and ultimately reduce your build costs.

During your build, you can access electronic copies of all diagrams both in pdf and Visio format as well as a physical printed book that we produce for you.  Visio enables you to keep your architecture up-to-date and make any necessary changes easily.  Diagrams are grouped by business area for your ease, as there are over 2500 of them! 

The "out of the box" SAP BI diagrams are available immediately, please contact us on 01494 854240 or send us your details for pricing

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